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Band members

The Roseburg German Band is a fourteen member group dedicated to playing German music and making people happy. A typical performance of this group will include waltzes, polkas, schottisches, and marches. Much of the music you hear has been purchased directly from Germany. We take great pride in keeping with authenticity.
Alp horn broken over persons head
The group has been actively performing since 1955, and has been heard over the years in a wide variety of venues. These include birthday parties, wedding celebrations, wakes, wine festivals, art festivals, and Oktoberfests.

man being sprayed by beer from a beer barrel
Here is a sample song from the Roseburg German Band, 'Beer Barrel Polka'

The current scheduled playing dates are
  • September 16, 2006 -- Private 50th Wedding anniversary party
  • October 13, 2006 -- State Science In-service. Event location Wildlife Safari, Winston, OR
  • October 20, 2006 -- River View Terrace Retirement Center, Roseburg, OR
  • October 28, 2006 -- St. Georges Episcopal Church Oktoberfest, Roseburg, OR
  • November 4, 2006 -- Faith Lutheran Church Smorgasbord, Roseburg, OR

famous German house

John Ferguson is the director of the band. While completing his undergraduate music studies at the University of Oregon, John had the privilege of studying International Music Education at a teacher's college in Germany. During this year of study, he was able to visit many pubs and beer halls, and get a real feel for the true 'Bavarian' style of musical entertainment.

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